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Donald Judd: Woodcuts

Paula Cooper Gallery
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32 pages, 19 illus.

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Donald Judd: Woodcuts, at Paula Cooper Gallery at 521 West 21st Street on May 2-31, 2008.

From the mid-1950s to 1961, as he explored the medium of the woodcut, Judd progressively moved from figurative to increasingly abstract imagery, first carving organic rounded shapes, then, working with his father Roy in 1960-1961, moving on to the painstaking craftsmanship of straight lines and angles, which require advanced mechanical tools and a less instinctive, more planned approach. As described by Judd’s son Flavin, “These were the decisive years. He had moved to a new way of thinking: he would divide and use space instead of imposing something upon it.”

Introduction by Flavin Judd; “The Woodcutter Changes Hands” and essay by Jeffrey Weiss; “Proof.” Soft bound, text in English.