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Press Release

NEW YORK – The Paula Cooper Gallery and 192 Books are pleased to present an exhibition of selected prints, plaster pieces and artist’s books by Dan Walsh.  The exhibition will be on view at 192 Books from January 21 through February 14, 2004.

Dan Walsh’s work is a personal and whimsical form of minimalism, the result of what he describes as “an attitude that is both perceptual and mindful of history.” Walsh’s painting inherits minimalism’s principle of economy while letting go of its geometric rigor.  He revisits and alters modernism’s ubiquitous motifs (its simple shapes or grids), but their contours, drawn with a free hand, are playful or irregular: lined-up squares float over wide expanses of color, as though suspended; a sagging line stretches across the picture plane, suggesting weight; simple forms with echoing outlines seem to pulse; receding rectangles piled onto one another evoke a staircase or a podium.

In this exhibition, Walsh presents his printmaking work since 2001, which incorporates many of the concerns evident in his painting.  Also on view is the entire series of his limited-edition artist’s books, starting with books realized in Switzerland in the mid-nineties to Walsh’s most recent work, “Catalog” (2004), which was produced by hand.  “Catalog” is printed on Japanese paper and is a near-narrative exploration of color and shape.

Walsh’s prints and books were the subject of a one-person exhibition entitled “Recycling, livres et estampes 1995 – 2002” at the Cabinet des estampes and MAMCO in Geneva, Switzerland (5/22 – 9/22/02).  A catalogue was published on the occasion and is available at 192 Books.  Dan Walsh lives and works in New York.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or