Sherrie Levine

November 6 – December 15, 2010
534 W 21st Street

NEW YORK—The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Sherrie Levine. The exhibition opens on November 5 and will remain on view through December 18, 2010.

The exhibition will include two series of 18 monochrome paintings based on the various tones of grey and blue found in Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalents. The Equivalents are a series of photographs of cloud formations taken between 1925 and 1934 that form the cornerstone of Stieglitz’s reflection on the medium of photography and its unique ability to capture abstraction in the natural world. Levine’s monochromatic series extends her career-long inquiry into abstract painting, from the stripe and checkerboard patterns of the 1980s to works after Blinky Palermo, Piet Mondrian, the Russian avant-garde and others. A recent series of monochrome works, titled Salubra (2007), was based on a color chart for wallpapers designed by Le Corbusier in 1931.

This is Levine’s second series of works inspired by Stieglitz’ work. In 2006, she created Equivalents: After Stieglitz 1-18, a suite of 18 photographic prints which break down the gray scale of the original photographs into chessboard-pattern squares of solid hues.

Also on view will be a series of new bronze sculpture, including Khmer Torso, a headless and armless male figure based on a carved stone sculpture of a male divinity from 12th century Cambodia; and Les Deux Chèvre-Pieds, a reference to the Greek god Pan and the goat-satyrs who attend Dionysus.

Sherrie Levine was born in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, grew up in St. Louis and moved to New York in 1975. She has had one-person exhibitions at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C., 1988; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, 1988; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, 1991; the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 1992; and Portikus, Frankfurt, 1994, among others. In 2005, she was one of the four artists included in Quartet, the opening exhibition of the new Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Her work was included in Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today, at the Museum of Modern Art (2008). That same year she was part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial. The Kunstmuseum Krefeld, Germany, is currently presenting a one-person exhibition of Levine’s sculpture, Pairs and Posses (through February 6, 2011). The Whitney Museum is preparing the first full-scale retrospective of Levine’s work, scheduled for Fall 2011.

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