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Zoe Leonard
Zoe Leonard
Zoe Leonard
Zoe Leonard

Press Release

NEW YORK—Zoe Leonard’s one-person exhibition at the Paula Cooper Gallery will include two new sculptures and a selection of new photographs in the front gallery. These works will be on view at 534 West 21st Street from 21 October through 25 November 2000.

Installed on the floor of the main gallery, Mouth Open, Teeth Showing, is comprised of hundreds of standing dolls arranged in a grid-like formation. Ranging from early 20th century models to recently manufactured ones, the dolls vary in size, dress, race and physical type. Presented as the artist found them, some are in perfect condition, while others bear signs of use: teethmarks, cut hair, and broken limbs. Taken as cultural artifacts, the dolls offer an overview of the shifting image of the female in our society. Their arrangement in an organized mass suggests another set of associations: a crowd, an uprising, an army.

In a second new sculpture, stacks of empty suitcases will be placed in a row against the wall of the reception area. Like much of her earlier photography and sculpture, this installation investigates “the things we make and the things we leave behind…the remnants of our behavior and experiences.”1

In a group of new photographs to be shown in the front gallery, Leonard examines the urban vernacular of signs and shop windows. In a departure from her earlier black-and-white work, most of these photographs are in color and printed using the dye transfer process.

1. Zoe Leonard, conversation with the artist, September 1, 2000.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or