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After the Observatory

Bob Nickas

Bob Nickas
Paula Cooper Gallery
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26 illustrated

"In the Winter of 2001, I asked Louise Lawler if she would photograph the show I was opening at Paula Cooper Gallery, From the Observatory, the following March. I have known Louise’s work since 1985, and she has taken part in a number of shows of mine over the years. Somehow I always knew that I would one day ask her to consider a project of this kind. She agreed, but without making any promises for results. Although some of the pictures in the pages that follow have in fact turned out to be photographs that Louise has printed and exhibited, others have to be seen as pictures meant for reproduction only. At the back of this catalog is a more documentary selection of works from the show and installation shots taken by Tom Powel."

–Robert Nickas (Introduction)

Catalogue published for an exhibition curated by Bob Nickas, “From the Observatory” held at the Paula Cooper Gallery in the spring of 2002. Text by Bob Nickas. Illustrated. Text in English. Photographs by Louise Lawler.