Bw everyday

Bing Wright: Everyday Pictures

Russell Isaacs (Editor), Bing Wright (Author), Hal Foster (Contributor)

Russell Isaacs (Editor), Bing Wright (Author), Hal Foster (Contributor)
Paula Cooper Gallery, New York
Page Count
192 pages

American photographer Bing Wright (born 1958) marries modernist and conceptual leanings, creating highly formal work that explores the many roles of the photograph--as window or magnifying glass, marker of time or space for illusion. Known for his wide-ranging philosophical investigations and the stripped-down purity of his imagery, Wright can be simultaneously figurative and gorgeously abstract in his work, often calling on the gray light and rainy climate of his native Pacific Northwest. For example, in the Wet Windows series, part of his first body of work begun in 1988, random patterns of raindrops appear to pockmark the photographic surfaces. Deeply engaged with the technological and aesthetic history of the medium, Wright frequently references the work of other photographers from Edward Steichen’s roses to Man Ray’s tears. Bing Wright: Everyday Pictures surveys the artist’s work from 1989 to 2006 and includes a conversation between the artist and renowned art historian Hal Foster.

Hard bound, text in English.