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Jackie Winsor

Paula Cooper Gallery
Page Count
24 pages, illustrated

This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, October 29, 1997 – April 15, 1998.

Jackie Winsor is most often associated with the Minimalists because she prefers simple geometric shapes, placing objects directly on the floor, and emphasizing their form, material and mass. However, she clearly departs from this movement with sculptures that seem more personal and metaphorical.

The various materials she employs in her sculptures include rope, wood, paint, cement, plaster, brick, nails and wire. Her later work gradually turns away from raw material and concentrates on highly polished and rubbed surfaces. A particular delight of this survey exhibition is to see how comfortably the work from over thirty years shares the same space.

–Alanna Heiss (intro.)

Introduction by Alanna Heiss, essay by Joshua Decter, interview with Barry Ledoux. Soft bound, text in English.