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Jan Schoonhoven

Paula Cooper Gallery
Page Count
32 pages, illustrated

This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Paula Cooper Gallery, October 23 – December 4, 1999 and consists of drawings and monochrome reliefs dating from the 1950s to the 1970s.

A founding member of the Nul group in 1960 in Delft, Holland, Jan Schoonhoven developed an artistic style governed by order, geometry and repetition. Variations of particular motifs — intersecting rows of horizontal and vertical lines in the drawings; the three-dimensional structures of white patterns and grids in the reliefs — recur in works from this period. In a suite of ten 10 x 6” reliefs from 1962, the delicate, hand-crafted surfaces of cardboard and papier-mâché belie the geometric order of their underlying compositional framework. Later ink drawings evidence freer, more fluid delineations. This exhibition provided an introduction to works that demonstrate the range of his production.

Essays by Rudi Fuchs and Beat Wismer. Soft bound, text in English.