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Wayne Gonzales

Wayne Gonzales

Wayne Gonzales
CAC Málaga
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This catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition Wayne Gonzales, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Málaga, Spain (11/18/11 - 1/22/12).

Gonzales’s subject matter is an integral part of his intent to provoke a new and different visual effect on the spectator. His depictions of crowds and figures are quite different from his images of luminous spheres that resemble the lights on a film set. Nothing takes place by chance in the work of an artist who moves between abstraction and figuration.

Gonzales’s paintings leave considerable room for free interpretation and the viewer must pause before his work in order to perceive that behind the brushstrokes and what they represent there lie a number of hints regarding the works ultimate meaning…Gonzales takes the viewer beyond the work’s content and transcends the physical limits of a painting.

–Francisco de la Torre Prados—Mayor of Málaga

Soft bound, text in English.