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Saturday, August 4 at MASS MoCA, noon-5pm: Techne; Extension Exorcises: Karen Adelman, Corey Fogel, and Liz Glynn will activate Glynn’s five-part installation of The Archaeology of Another Possible Future with a series of improvised movements and sounds. Overlaying the structure and themes of the analog record featured in the SOUND CAVE, the three will activate the space, exploring themes of presence and embodiment in contrast to the post-human architecture of the installation. Experimental percussionist Fogel will use old tools and industrial detritus to construct a rhythmic score, while Adelman’s haunting vocals will punctuate the space. Glynn will draw upon her recent experiments in movement research reconstructing and remixing gestures of exhaustion and labor in this former factory space. The performance will unfold durationally throughout the day, and audience members are invited to come and go throughout.

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Tauba Auerbach in “The Swindle: Art Between Seeing and Believing” at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery through Sunday, October 28, 2018.

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“Like I said earlier, it’s an animal thing. We’re inherently attracted to shiny, sparkly things. Our eyes are honed by millennia of evolution to see them. But as we become increasingly socialized, we’re taught to limit our appreciation for glitter… Why should what we’re naturally drawn to be conditioned out of us?” Margaret Carrigan interviews Lynda Benglis for Artnet News.

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Headshot1 courtesy of the artist. photography by katie miller

Katy Donahue interviews Charles Gaines for Whitewall: “The idea behind this work is to bring the basic racist assumptions that underlie the critique of the concept into the light of day by arguing (through representation) that identity politics is an old concept that is part of a larger evolution of ideas that helped establish what it means to be human, what it means to be an individual, hence what it means to have an identity.”

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“For me, it was like going home again,” Lynda Benglis says about her current exhibition (until 16 June) at Paula Cooper Gallery, where she first exhibited her work nearly 50 years ago. The Art Newspaper reviews Benglis’ current exhibition.

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